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Palate: Fast Food
South Jersey’s dynamic food scene was well represented at this year’s Garden State Culinary Arts Award nominations.

Top Towns 2018
Ask people what they love about living in South Jersey and undoubtedly you’ll get the familiar answers about its proximity to major cities like Philadelphia and New York, or that it’s a quick shot down the Parkway to the Shore. But what really makes this area such a great place to call home is its surrounding communities and all they have to offer. From tranquil park settings and buzzworthy restaurants to top-notch schools and cutting-edge medical facilities, we are lucky to have such great resources at our disposal.

Easy Being Green
Now more than ever, there are several ways for your business to use eco-friendly initiatives to help the environment and save money.

Beach Clubs
We head down the Shore to get an inside look at some of the area’s top golf courses.

Jersey Shore Nightlife Guide
Join us this Memorial Day Weekend as we explore the variety of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that offer live music for an exciting night out down the Shore!